Amanuensis: Roman Law

Amanuensis: Roman Law is a utility for conducting searches within an expansive database of Latin and Greek sources pertaining to Roman Law. The core of this database is a collection of texts created by the University of Linz (“Romtext”). By courtesy of Hofrat Dr. Josef Menner, the compiler of Romtext, Amanuensis: Roman Law includes the complete Romtext database. In addition, the full Justinianic Latin and Greek Novels, numerous extant full constitutions, and a few other texts are also included. Apart from the collection of texts, Amanuensis: Roman Law comprises the integral dictionary of Heumann-Seckel (last edition). Heumann-Seckel is fully marked up and hyperlinked, both internally and with respect to the Amanuensis data base. Unfamiliar words in the database can be looked up directly by a context menu command. Amanuensis: Roman Law is available for Microsoft Windows. Earlier versions for MacOS, iOS, and Android devices remain available for the time being, but will not be updated. In addition, no kind of support will be provided for these. If you're just curious about what Amanuensis: Roman Law can do for you, you can have a peek at the instructions here: Amanuensis Instructions


Amanuensis: Roman Law V6.5 for Windows (requires .NET; Windows Defender SmartScreen will complain, click More Information)

Deprecated, unmaintained versions without any support

Amanuensis: Roman Law Mac V5.0 for Apple

Amanuensis: Roman Law iOS V5.1 for iPad/iPhone

Amanuensis: Roman Law V5.1 for Android devices


Amanuensis itself is freeware. You can use it for free (even in commercial contexts). You can also pass it on for free. However, you must in this case always clearly state the authors’ names. And remember, there is no warranty or liability whatsoever.

Amanuensis: ACO

Amanuensis: ACO combines the search routine of the original Amanuensis (which is now Amanuensis: Roman Law) with a new database: the Latin portions of the Acts of the Ecumenical Councils (the Greek parts are readily available at TLG). The current and final version, 2.0, includes all Latin portions of ACO. Amanuensis: ACO is available for Windows and MacOS.

Amanuensis: ACO V2.0 for Windows (requires .NET; Windows Defender SmartScreen will complain, in W10 click More Information)

Amanuensis: ACO V2.0 for Apple

Amanuensis: Generic

Amanuensis: Generic enables you to load any text file and use on it the powerful Amanuensis search interface. Use cases for Amanuensis: Generic include searching through downloads from, through Latin or Greek texts (XML-encoded or not; Greek texts can be in betacode) or through your own scans in any language. Check the instructions for more information. As of now, Amanuensis: Generic is only available for Windows.

Amanuensis: Generic V1.0 for Windows (requires .NET; Windows Defender SmartScreen will complain, in W10 click More Information)

The creators of Amanuensis

Günther Rosenbaum is a mathematician and software developer. In 1977, he was National Champion in the German National Mathematics Competition.

Philippe Basciano has been working as a professional developer in international companies for a long while. His contribution to scholarship and the protection of the Breton language is An Drouizig Technologies.

Peter Riedlberger is a classicist and IT aficionado. He's interested in late antique legislation and the Acts of Ecumenical Councils, among other things.

This project has received funding from the European Research Council (ERC) under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (grant agreements No. 677638 and 101001991).