Amanuensis is a utility for searching within the database of Latin sources pertaining to Roman Law created by the University of Linz (“Romtext”). By courtesy of Hofrat Dr. Josef Menner, the copyright holder of Romtext, Amanuensis includes the complete Romtext database. Amanuensis is available in different versions for Microsoft Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices. If you're just curious about what Amanuensis can do for you, you can have a peek at the instructions here: Amanuensis Instructions


Amanuensis V4.0 for Windows (requires .NET; Windows Defender SmartScreen will complain, in W10 click More Information)

Amanuensis Mac V4.0 for Apple

Amanuensis iOS V4.0 for iPad/iPhone

Amanuensis V4.0 for Android devices


Amanuensis itself is freeware. You can use it for free (even in commercial contexts). You can also pass it on for free. However, you must in this case always clearly state the authors’ names. And remember, there is no warranty or liability whatsoever.

The creators of Amanuensis

Günther Rosenbaum is a mathematician and software developer. In 1977, he was National Champion in the German National Mathematics Competition.

Peter Riedlberger is a classicist and IT aficionado. He's interested in late antique legislation and Acts of Ecumenical Councils, among other things.